Hands Free Waste Carriers

Designer: Sharper Barker

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Color: Black

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For when there's no garbage near by 💩

The hands-free poop bag carrier pet parents love, our soft silicone poop bag holder is a dog walking accessory that makes tidying up after potty breaks easier and more sanitary. After picking up the poop, tie a knot in the bag and slip the knot through the opening of the heart shaped poop bag carrier. Dispose used bag at the closest garbage.

When not in use, attach the poop bag carrier to your leash to stay prepared.

✔️ Hands free poop bag carrier
✔️ Heart shaped
✔️ Simply slip the knot through the hole after picking up the poop
✔️ Clip the carrier to your dogs leash and until you find a garbage
✔️ Made from silicone
✔️ Includes a matching carabiner clip

60mm x 60mm